C-Deca 5 and 7ml

C-Deca 5 and 7ml

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C-Deca packshotUltra purified (99.9%) fluorinated perfluorocarbon.


  • High gravity: 1.908 – 1.960 g/ml (at 20°C)
  • Refractive Index: 1.313 – 1.316
  • Low Viscosity: 2.7 mPas
  • Boiling point: 140.4 – 142.4°C

INDICATIONS: peri-operative tool for treatment of giant tears, RD complicated by PVR, Proliferated Diabetic Retinopathy, macular holes with peripheral RD, Lens or IOL subluxation.

Single-Use dose: 5ml or 7ml

References: C-DECA5ML or C-DECA7ML

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