C-Sil 1000 and 5000

C-Sil 1000 and 5000

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C-Sil packshotUltra purified Silicone Oil for intraocular use in single-use glass syringe.


  • Viscosity: 1000 – 1500 mPas (C-Sil 1000) / 5000 – 5900 mPas (C-Sil 5000)
  • Refractive Index: 1.40
  • Gravity: 0.98

INDICATIONS: used as an ocular endotamponade in severe cases of retinal detachment with, e.g. solid proliferavite vitreo-retinopathy, traumatic detachment, giant tears, as well as other detachments of the retina which cannot be treated with other forms of therapy.

Single-Use glass syringe delivering 10ml.

References: C-SIL1000 or C-Sil5000

C-Sil Syringe






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