GENESIS® hydrophobic monofocal

Implant intraocular hydrophobic monofocal

  • Preloaded 
  • Light
  • Incision MiCS 2.2 mm
  • From 10 D à 30 D

Genesis pack and IOLGENESIS, a new hydrophobic IOL developed and manufactured to meet surgeons expectations in term of :


  • Fully preloaded with SCREW or PUSH injector options.
  • Enhanced deployment time in the capsular bag.
  • Continuous 360° epithelial cell barrier (including at haptics/optic junction)
  • Optimised geometric haptic design allows for easy flexion and even force distribution.
  • Negative spherical aberration -0,25 µm for improved quality of vision.
  • 6mm optic / 13mm overall diameter

Optimised A- Constant

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