synthetis acrilyc monofocal

Implant intraocular acrilyc monofocal

  • Preloaded, Not preloaded
  • Light and yellow
  • Incision MICS 1,8 mm
  • From -10 à 40 D
  •  (-10 à 10 D par 1D/10 à 40D par 0,5D)
  • Category II b
  • Packaging Box of 1 item

A Concentrate of InnovationsSynthesis

Synthesis is allowing for safe, reproducible and MICS (Micro Incision Cataract Surgery) through a sub-2mm incision.
  • Synthesis acrylic copolymer material has been used for more than 18 years in Ophthalmology.
  • Consistent injection forces throughout the entire power range.
  • The 4-point fixation and C-Edge+ (≤ 5 microns) intraocular lens (IOL) features a 6mm optic and 3 anatomically friendly overall diameters to fit different capsular bag sizes [11mm (from -10.0D to +15.0D), 10.7mm (from +15.0D to +22.0D), 10.5mm (from +22.5D to +40.0D)]
  • Extended diopter range from -10.0D to +40.0D
  • Synthesis posterior shift vaulted design allows for superior posterior capsule adhesion.Synthesis Packshot
  • Aspheric aberration-neutral optic
  • The IOL is immediately available in both clear or blue-light filtering designs.
Synthesis is implanted in conjunction with a leading quality injector system (preloaded or cartridge loaded options).

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