synthesis+ edof

Implant intraocular edof

  • Preloaded
  • Light and yellow
  • Insicion MiCs 1,6mm
  • From 0 à 32 D
  • Category IIb


What is the plus?


Synthesis+ EDOF (Enhanced Depth of Focus) optimises the main optical parameters allowing surgeons to offer their patients improved social vision. This new generation of lenses provides distance and enhanced intermediate vision.

As opposed to multifocal optics (refractive or diffractive), the advantages of Synthesis+ EDOF are:

  • Greater contrast sensitivity
  • Lower incidence of dysphotopsia

Synthesis+ mechanism of action: 4th and 6th spherical aberrations of opposite signs permits depth of field increase. Continuous area with an EDOF central zone, a patented transition zone and monofocal optical periphery.


Synthesis+ EDOF is made of an acrylic copolymer successfully used for more than 18 years (clear or blue-light filtering option). The 4 point fixation haptics and 6mm optic allow for greater centration and stability in the capsular bag. The entire range is 1.6mm preloaded MICS ready, with a diopter range from +0.0D to 32.0D (in 0.25 increments between +10.25 to 32.0D).

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Reserved for health care professionals. Please refer to the operating instructions.