Cutting edge gains saudi FDA approval

Montpellier – 20 May 2019 –

Cutting Edge announced today that their Synthesis™ and Genesis™ Acrylic monofocal IOL platform has received Saudi Arabia FDA approval.

The Genesis monofocal IOL is fully preloaded with SCREW or PUSH injector options. The intra-ocular lens benefits of a continuous 360° epithelial cell barrier (including at haptics/optic junction) and enhanced deployment time in the capsular bag. Its 6mm optic / 13mm overall diameter and optimised geometric haptic design allows for easy flexion and even force distribution. Genesis is engineered with a negative spherical aberration -0,25 µm optic for improved quality of vision.

Synthesis is the latest all-in-one innovations platform allowing for safe, reproducible and MICS (Micro Incision Cataract Surgery) through a sub-2mm incision. Its acrylic copolymer material has been used for more than 18 years in Ophthalmology. The 4-point fixation and C-Edge+ (≤ 5 microns) intraocular lens (IOL) features a 6mm optic and 3 anatomically friendly overall diameters to fit different capsular bag sizes. In addition, Synthesis posterior shift vaulted design allows for superior posterior capsule adhesion.

Cutting Edge SAS builds experienced and dedicated teams to design, prototype and manufacture high-quality Intraocular Lenses. Cutting Edge’ state-of-the-art facility located in Toulouse, France honours the quality and process sophistication of the medical device industry. Cutting Edge’s creative Research & Development department is continuously searching for new and innovative products and solutions in the field of eye surgery in conjunction with our network of scientific partners, suppliers, and commercial organisation. Cutting Edge provides flexible and agile world-class surgical solutions to serve its worldwide partners. Cutting Edge SAS headquarters are in Montpellier, France.